With my TripAdvisor reviews almost complete, I decided to start a blog

Does anyone else browse TripAdvisor like its social media? I mean, I guess it technically is social media. But does anyone browse it like it’s Facebook or Instagram? Like, you’re not there for any particular reason. You’re just seeing what’s up, reading up on some restaurants, or checking out the forums.

I love to travel. I love everything about the travel experience. I love to plan trips (creating the itinerary is just the best). I love seeing new places and doing interesting things (and the food). I also love reviewing places I have been on TripAdvisor.

Since I use TripAdvisor as one of my main sources of information when trip planning I think it is important to give back and post reviews about my experiences for other planners. But I am now at the end of my travel cycle (plan-travel-review) for my most recent trip and I am going through that inevitable lull between trips.


Me and Alex – Hawaii 2017

I don’t travel constantly. My job doesn’t involve much travel (it’s a 50 minutes commute, but not travel). I have two jobs, so I work a lot and neither of them lend to spontaneous time off for travel. But my husband and I enjoy traveling and we definitely try to get away a time or two each year.

I am hoping this blog will be an outlet for me during the non-travel times of the year. Where I can detail my plans and research for future trips and log and review my trips afterward. Sort of a bucket list and a travel diary. And besides my TripAdvisor reviews are getting really long and wordy.


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